April 21, 2022

Getting Lost in Git and Goodbye tsc

It’s been a while since Chuck and Robbie dove headfirst into trending tech topics without a guest to bounce their ideas off of. Today, they discuss the latest in TypeScript and Git, the evolution of JavaScript over the years, developer pet peeves, and what success means on a team, on the web, and on the field.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:09] - A whiskey review. 
  • [10:14] - What Chuck and Robbie think about introducing TypeScript to JavaScript natively. 
  • [17:10] - A rant on everything except Git. 
  • [23:60] - Why Robbie’s been having problems with Git.
  • [33:09] - What’s new from ES2022.
  • [34:44} - A football, capitalism, and bad vegan-themed whatnot. 


[13:40] - “I think [tsc going away] definitely moves JavaScript forward as this thing you can use more than just for the web. And we’ve been doing it for things other than the web forever, but I guess to the people that are outside the JavaScript community they look at it as this thing that’s mostly web, and it’s really evolving past that.” ~ @rwwagner90

[20:50] - “I just wish we could all agree that similar to any other language, not coding languages specifically, reading, writing, there should be punctuation.” ~ @rwwagner90

[23:12] - “[Opinions on languages] is such subjective overhead and us as consultants, when you find these differences from project to project, it’s just not a thing worth fighting for. And the reality is, as long as there’s consistency, all the answers are right and the logic is all that matters.” ~ @CharlesWthe3rd


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