March 10, 2022

Machine Learning in JavaScript, Remix Plus Netlify, and Why DX Engineers Matter with Charlie Gerard

Charlie Gerard loves to experiment. Her love for experimentation and JS has propelled Charlie into the world of machine learning and in turn inspired her recent book, Practical Machine Learning in JavaScript. 

Forever iterating on her projects and experimentations, Charlie extends that desire for growth into her professional life, even pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and dabbling as a Google Developer Expert outside of her Netlify 9-5. 

In this episode, Charlie talks with Chuck and Robbie about her role at Netlify, why DX engineers matter, the real relationship between Remix and Netlify, Charlie’s approach to machine learning, and her thoughts on why web3 can be used for good.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:30] - An introduction to Charlie. 
  • [01:04] - A whiskey review. 
  • [07:53] - Why Charlie wrote a book about JavaScript and machine learning. 
  • [11:23] - How Charlie comes up with the projects she works on. 
  • [18:24] - What Charlie does at Netlify and what it means to be a Google Developer Expert. 
  • [22:43] - What Charlie knows about the relationship between Remix and Netlify. 
  • [26:23] - Why DX engineering matters. 
  • [31:33] - A deep dive on Charlie’s Twitter and her hobbies outside of tech. 
  • [41:40] - How Charlie thinks web3 can be used for good.


[13:48] - “Every time I have an idea, I kind of tweak it to push it as far as I can or until I get bored and then I move onto another one. But it’s never like I wake up and have a great idea. I wish it was like that. But most of the time it’s more an evolution of ideas or inspiration that I find online, other people sharing their stuff, and it generates an idea in my head.” ~ @devdevcharlie


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