June 2, 2022

Mystery Maker's Monday, Testing, and GraphQL

They say if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. So why are we running tests on tests on tests that aren’t business-critical? There’s an art to testing beyond just striving to get 100% coverage. In fact, over-testing can actually hamper your progress more than help it. Meanwhile, Chuck’s wondering why it’s not possible to have a union of enums in GraphQL.

In this episode, Chuck and Robbie discuss some tech frustrations, lessons for the React community, why Ship Shape implemented spam traps, and a whatnot on all things alcohol, sports, Friends, and Robbie’s (seemingly endless) truck saga. 

Key Takeaways

  • [01:50] - A lengthy whiskey review. 
  • [22:53] - Why getting carried away with tests becomes your downfall. 
  • [34:50] - Why Chuck thinks these tests in the React community are useless. 
  • [38:16] - Chuck’s GraphQL confusion. 
  • [40:49] - A browser bug Chuck noticed. 
  • [44:09] - Robbie’s non-sponsored plug.
  • [44:50] - A sports-themed whatnot and an update on Robbie’s truck saga. 


[26:52] - “There are things that warrant tests and things that don’t and there are good best practices for writing them.” ~ @rwwagner90

[33:44] - “Sometimes people will just chase the goal of as close to 100% coverage as possible and then you end up with a bunch of egregious tests along the way.” ~ @CharlesWthe3rd

[34:00] - “You need to test what’s business-critical. You can do the other tests if you have the time. But there were a lot of tests that really didn’t even check anything. And it’s kind of arbitrary — you got that coverage, but you weren’t doing anything.” ~ @rwwagner90

[36:32] - “Cypress is a great example of having integration testing in context where you can get visual progression testing too so [you] have some understanding there.” ~ @CharlesWthe3rd


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