Bourbon and backroads with the boyz

I really dig the broad strokes these guys make across multiple passions and genres. Make it a double next time because I want to keep sipping and tuning in. I pick up some bourbon tips, car info and so much more. Keep fighting the good fight. And let’s get you a 912 Chuck.

Excellent listening!

Robbie and Chuck do a great job of balancing and mixing in relevant guests from technology and software development and also covering miscellaneous topics that almost anyone would be interested in. Highly recommend!

Great variety of topics

I really appreciate the variety of topics Robbie and Chuck cover. I originally subscribed due to Ship Shape’s history with Ember.JS, a framework I really enjoy. I like the blend of different technologies, open source discussions, as well as the whiskey and what not. It serves as a good reminder of what’s exciting outside of our work lives. 8 tentacles!

Worth the subscription

Week in and week out this podcast is a great listen. Robbie and Chuck provide a great balance of rotating topics and whisky analysis. Highly recommend to check out an episode - you’ll be hooked.


Great to kick back and listen while you’re ramping up to the ballmer peak