Dec. 23, 2021

The Beauty of Remix, Falling for Tailwind, and Why NFTs Are a Scam with Kent C. Dodds

Kent Dodds spends much of his professional life helping emerging developers learn. Earlier this year, as he began refreshing a stack of educational resources, Kent realized that simply switching to Remix eliminated most of the problems he was teaching his students to avoid or solve. Not long after he fell in love with the framework, Kent landed a job at Remix. 

Now the Director of Developer Experience, Dodds educates and troubleshoots. From eliminating loading and error states, easy adoption, and the mutations API, Dodds’ passion for Remix is abundantly obvious. He credits the success of Remix to its premium user experience and believes wholeheartedly that (almost) everything is simpler without JavaScript. 

In this episode, Robbie, Chuck, and Kent discuss the standalone features of Remix, a new stack on the Remix block, avoiding JavaScript, and why Kent can’t code without Tailwind. 

Key Takeaways

  • [01:51] - An eggnog review. 
  • [06:20] - Kent’s journey to Remix. 
  • [09:13] - What makes Remix unique.
  • [13:13] - Remix’s true niche. 
  • [16:51] - Remix vs. Astro vs. Qwik.
  • [21:21] - What you can’t do with Remix. 
  • [22:14] - Why working around JavaScript is the way to go.
  • [26:15] - More ways that Remix improves the user experience. 
  • [27:44] - The beauty of Tailwind. 
  • [36:56] - Remix’s mutations API. 
  • [41:51] - Kent and Tesla. 
  • [50:25] - What Kent likes outside of coding and clean energy.
  • [53:51] - Why NFTs are a scam. 


[09:57] - “Right now [Remix] is all server-rendered. And we do that because we feel like that provides the best user experience. It objectively provides the best user experience. It’s way better to just see your stuff than to see spinners while you’re waiting for your stuff. So if you can just make it so fast that you don’t need spinners, then that’s a better user experience.” ~ @kentcdodds

[15:40] - “I haven’t yet found a use-case for building on the web that Remix isn’t really well-suited for. It doesn't have a bunch of abstractions useful for someone who’s going to build a game, but neither does any other framework like Remix. It sure has a lot of useful things for you if you want to build an excellent user experience on the web.” ~ @kentcdodds

[22:30] - “I feel like with Remix, we’ve found another way to make things faster without having to make all these trade-offs on different architectures with having to completely change the framework that you’re using.” ~ @kentcdodds


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