Feb. 3, 2022

The Right Way to NFT, Blockchain, and Making Your Mark in the Digital Marketplace with Juan Palomino

In a world of invaluable yet intangible artwork and every developer fighting for a space on the blockchain, it’s hard to sort out what’s adding value to our brave new world and what’s taking up space. Juan Palomino, founder of Full Speed Media, has spent the last year knee-deep in his own NFT experiment. Along the way, he’s learned what to embrace and what to forget when it comes to making his mark in the digital economy. 

Juan started Full Speed Media as a way to provide live streaming services throughout the pandemic. While it began as a way to simply satisfy a growing demand, through his business, Juan began developing relationships with local organizations in Phoenix and realized the need for other web-based projects geared toward fundraising. 

A true lover of building cool stuff and experimenting with the latest tech trends, Juan eventually developed an NFT drop in partnership with a local artist. Since launch day, his community has minted almost 100 tokens and raised just under $10,000 for the Valleywise Health Foundation, the largest provider of mental health services in Arizona. 

In this episode, Robbie, Chuck, and Juan discuss the technicalities of building an NFT, where most developers miss the mark in blockchain, and the real beauty of a growing minted marketplace. 

Key Takeaways

  • [01:13] - A quick introduction to Juan.
  • [02:37] - Two truths and a lie. 
  • [06:25] - A whiskey review. 
  • [14:19] - Chuck's two truths and a brief history of Philadelphia. 
  • [17:54] - Juan’s groundbreaking NFT fundraising project. 
  • [23:17] - How tech trends like NFTs and smart contracts actually work. 
  • [27:11] - How Juan algorithmically generates NFT images.
  • [31:20] - The right way to approach NFTs and why fees.wtf missed the mark. 
  • [45:40] - What’s the deal with DAOs? 
  • [46:50] - Where the blockchain truly belongs.
  • [49:06] - Why Chuck is back on Twitter. 
  • [52:13] - The beauty of the NFT space. 


[41:31] - “Blockchain in itself is not this secret ingredient that now makes everything better. It has become this buzzword that people want to do a land grab for but realistically, this is just the building blocks of how we’re going to build bigger, better, more decentralized, more trustless applications and systems.” ~ @JuanForTheMoney

[52:47] - “The NFT space, for all its quirks and mishappenings and lost gas fees, has really turned me onto the art world and has exposed me to a whole different way of creating stuff and connected me with a lot of people I might not have been connected with otherwise. If nothing else, it has been a really great experiment.” ~ @JuanForTheMoney


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